Sheen Tyagi

Hello everyone! I'm Sheen Tyagi, an 18-year-old youth activist from India. I'm passionate about women's rights, climate change, sustainable development, and children's education and welfare (socially), and business, economics, and finance (academically).I'm the Founder-President of the Girl Up Naarivaad club, a community club at the Girl Up Campaign by the United Nations Foundation (UNF). I'm a Youth Fellow at #LearningPlanet by CRI Paris and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). I'm a Young Climate Advocate at YCA (Young Climate Advocates) Network by United Nations Foundation. I am working as the Research Project Director at YOUNGO Finance and Markets Working Group, by United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). I am currently working as Community Organizer at She Is The Universe Project and as the Communications Director at Sustainable Development Initiatives (SUDEVIN) Cameroon (NGO).I have been doing MUNs since 2019 and I am an avid reader and champion debater. I am fluent in English (bilingual), Hindi (native), Spanish (upper intermediate), French (elementary) and Turkish (conversational).I like to learn different languages and cultures. I take part in various global public speaking and leadership events and believe that people can be best influenced when they are motivated through introspection and visuals in the form of art, music, and history.

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